It’s the Holiday Season

And we’re off!

Nutcracker with the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra in support of the Madison Ballet’s productionat the Overture Center for the Arts takes up a bunch of dates this month.

Several gigs – private and public – with Joe Scalissi as Dean Martin also. Especially the Majestic Holiday Soiree.

Madison Jazz Orchestra’s 4th Thursday of the month residency at the Brink Lounge, church gigs, private parties, a couple of weddings too, round out the month.

Hope to see you around town.

Charanga Agoza Dance Dances and Jazz@5

As the summer draws to a close (oh no!), it heats up for the Latin Music scene in Madison.

Charanga Agoza performs for two community public events this month.

First up – Dance Dances, the Friday Night dance party on top of the Monona Terrace, on Friday night, August 25 at 6pm. The fun disco band – VO5 – follows at 8pm.

Next up is Jazz@5 on Wednesday, September 6, 6:45 pm at the top of State street. The 100 block of State Street is home to the best jazz on the Capitol Square on Wednesday night’s in August and September.

Both events are free and open to the public.

World premier

So I’ve been holding down the Bass Trombone chair in the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra all week while it’s been raining and non-Spring like outside.

Schumann Symphony #2 gives an opportunity for us trombones to get into some merry making but what is fun this week is a World Premier work for 2 Pianos and orchestra called Double Rainbow. Commissioned for our guest artists – Michael Shinn and Jessica Chow Shinn – the work is composed by Juilliard School of Music faculty member Thomas Cabaniss.

A colorful telling of his inspiration from seeing Double Rainbows while on a tropical vacation, the work is a play not only on the imagery of the Double Rainbow but the juxtaposition of the double elements within the orchestra and 2 pianos.

Almost a sellout, get your tickets now.

See you from the back row.


Still here

Social media, blog is now old school, as is Facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest. Oh my.

Trying to keep up can get you down. Why? When I was 10 or so, I wanted to be a concert pianist (oops). Then a musical director. Then many other things in and along side of music. Well after a bit of soul searching at 120′ in the ocean off of Cozumel, I return to music is in my soul.

100th anniversary of Dean Martin’s birth this year. Joe Scalissi is perhaps the finest of the “Tribute” artists there is. Hope to see you at some shows. Interested in Joe, head over to

See you this summer on the Capital Square with the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra. Six Wednesday nights in a row June 28 – August 2. Join 25,000 – 50,000 on the beautiful lawn of the Wisconsin State Capital at 7 pm. Bring your picnic basket!

The Madison Jazz Orchestra is celebrating our 30th season with our regular 4th Thursday of the month gig at the Brink Lounge, corner of East Washington and Blount streets. Look for other summer festival dates coming soon.

Weddings, corporate events, party? Yes we still do them and have several options from jazz trio to a big commercial Chicago style band. Just let me know.

Going to practice some trombone now. See you soon.

New efforts

As new technologies and new ideas are created, some things that are old still make sense.

Text or call?

Email or stop by?

Facebook or Twitter?

Write a letter and send via the postal service?

They all present a different way of connecting. I love technology and the opportunities it brings but wow, always being on? There was a time when you could be by yourself creating, meditating or working on a project but today there is so much opportunity for interruption – good and bad.

As I have written this, I’ve had several email alerts, phone calls and texts let alone who knows what’s happening on Facebook…….

So I make a new effort:

– to respond in a timely manner

– to NOT be always on

– to have patience with everyone

– to ask for patience from others

Going off to practice and be disconnected for a bit.

All new, all good

It has been a while since I have updated this website. Many opportunities have come my way in life, musical and otherwise.

This company still exists. We are still making high quality music for corporate, social, and wedding events. The Brian Whitty Group is still playing.

Drop Brian an email or text to talk about your next event at or 608-225-4931.